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Welcome to Best-Iti -as we call it here !

Our team consists of beginner to expert travelers. Some know one destination by heart, others have traveled across a significant part of the world. Some are young, some not so young. Some studied tourism, others have been passionate about traveling forever. Beyond our differences, what mainly made it possible for us to get where we are today are the hundreds of stories shared on ShareYourTrip over the past two years and every travelers’ experiences we learned from. Julien and Benoît started this amazing adventure by imagining and creating ShareYourTrip, a website where you can find other travelers’ greatest experiences all around the world. Marie then joined them a few months later, since then the team continues getting bigger, always keeping one idea in mind : helping other travelers. You can count on every member of the team to make planning your trips easier by creating unique itineraries ! We hand picked all the best places to see, the greatest hotels, the most convenient plane tickets… We create these itineraries with passion as if they were for us.

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“The true journey to discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” M. Proust

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